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  1. Hi Nat, Thanks for prompt and useful reply to my question. As I need to save a number of clips from the same video I think I will carry on using Clip Preview. Thanks for the tip on selecting New Clip to move the Stat and End markers – very helpful. I look forward to carrying on until I have enough clips to make a video. Nice to know there is help out there – not like all programs. Regards, Geoff (gddad87)
  2. Hi, I am a newbie to video editing but have read some literature on principles. I have lots of video on my drives in .avi taken from various videocams and I want to cut these down into shorter named clips so that I can mix them in full videos. I have Videopad Full version 5.4, bought yesterday. Today I have experimented on the above by: Loading a video file (.avi) Running it in Clip Review Using Start and End to take a new clip Using Place to put it on the Timeline Using Export (on top row) Clicking Video File Saving the file as an .avi to a folder on my HDD This appears to work but I wonder if I am taking the easiest path. One nuisance is that, having taken a clip, I would like to cancel the Starts and Ends to allow me to start a new clip; how can I do this?Thanks for any help or suggestions for an 87-year old
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