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  1. Maybe this is just my system, but my hot keys are assigned as default from keys F3 to F8 Now when I attempt to add F1 or F2 OR attempt to reassign any of the F3 to F8 keys through the "Add" or "Change" functions, I just get errors "Key has no modifier. Please add one or more modifier keys" This (a) makes no sense and (b) is absolutely not what I want I really really want function keys on my left hand, so F1-F4, to perform commands of my choice. Yet that seems absolutely impossible at the moment. Is "Hot Keys" just for system-wide hot-keys ? If so, what about assigning commands to functions just within Express Scribe, iIs that even possible? All I want is an easy way on my left hand to rewind the audio. Don't think that is too much to ask
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