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  1. I see the meter but how do you adjust the volume to keep the meter out of the red area and keep it at least in the orange Thxs
  2. Back at you Telephony one last thing - If I had a TV tuner card or TV tuner usb, I would not need to use Golden Video - at all. That's why I bought Golden Video. Thxs again.
  3. Thxs Telephony for your input . Much appreciated. Inside the program, it offers - "Tuner" as "video input" under video input device" Why is it offered if it is not a feature? That's the main reason I bought the program - that feature. And I am using a "Video Capture Usb device hardware" that allowed the VHS stream to be converted into Golden video program. It worked fine. Not one piece of info on the "Tuner" as "video input". Must be a future feature - bait and switch maybe. Who knows. I emailed NCH tech support w/ the same question and I received a lame response re
  4. This program and my video input device works fine with the correct connections I have made, when converting from a VHS on a VCR player to a video file format within your program. I read every piece of documentation for this program. FYI This program offers - "Tuner" as "video input" under video input device "Tuner" as "video input" under There is zero documentation support for this option. There is no cable connection info, setting info, input info related to capturing from a tuner card or TV, which naturally has a tuner in it. I need help / support
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