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  1. Hi Gekker, Thanks for your reply. Can you recommend a compatible DS2 player? An important point to note, I only have Express Scribe. I have a trial version of the Olympus ODMS but the Philips dictated DS2 files with noise interference play the noise interference also on the Olympus player. Obviously, I wish to avoid having to go out and purchase brand new Philips transcription software just in order to be able to play these files! So if you are able to recommend an alternative I can use that would be really helpful? I would like to know exactly: what is the cause of this noise interference? (If I know maybe I can recommend something to the people who are dictating. This is happening from three completely separate individuals.) Thanks again, MC
  2. Hello everyone - new here. I have been using Express Scribe (Pro) for years and years, no (major) issues with the DS2 files, until recently... Something sinister has started happening with the Philips DS2 files I'm being sent - from 3 completely unrelated sources. I have encountered the same problem with each. And it is as follows: A noise interference on some - not all; just apparently randomly occurring - files in the form of a "fast-forwarding" noise which renders the speech inaudible. This interference lasts for, again, a random length of time - sometimes 1-2 seconds; sometimes up to around 10 seconds in length. I've attempted to contact every possible person I can find contact information for within Philips, on many occasions, and they have not responded. I should add, converting to WAV only converts the noise disturbance issue over as well - not helpful! And on attempting to convert directly from the voice recorder when uploading onto PC to WAV renders the file unusable for some reason... Please can anyone advise? Wit's end territory here.
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