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  1. Hello Chris, thanks for your response. Eureka!! You solved my problem. The solution was not to open Debut as admin but the selection of only speakers using MMDevice (no mic selected) was the solution. I recorded music video's. in some different formats: fast capture, normal capture, avi, and mp4. All were recorded and played back with the sound. I already did remove Debut from the pc when i got your message. Before your response, I spent many hours to find the solution. In the forum i did not find anybody who reported that missing sound problems were solved by any suggestions. I also informed NCH Technical support. But no response yet. When i got your response i re-installed Debut and it turned out that your suggesttions are Bull's-eye for the windows 10 64 bit, Debut version 4.04. Just for info: in the meantime i "play with" try-out an alternave freeware screen capture app called Flashback Recording https://www.flashbackrecorder.com/ Chris Many thanks and best regards Peter Vestjens The Netherlands
  2. Hello debut users, I have searched this forum to find out if there is, or somebody knows, a (the) solution for my debut video screen capture problem: video sound is not recorded. I red many comments and did try out almost all suggestions in this forum and also from the technical support page from NCH but nobody reported back that a suggestion did solve the problem. To test if debut records the sound, i played music videos with windows mediaplayer and screen captured it but the recorded files do not have any sound. The record audio settings are: mic and speakers. My pc audio settings are: - standard line out DVC100 - Stereo-mix enabled (Realtek High Definition Audio) On my pc two front stereo speakers are plugged in the green 3,5 mm line out. Does somebody know in the meantime a solution or a reason for this problem. I spent many hours without succes. Today I did also sent the question to the NCH Technical Support. Hopefully the problemcause can be pinpointed and is there a solution. Otherwise i have wasted the money. Looking forward to replies, regards Peter
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