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  1. This was on Windows. Lowering the preview resolution seems to have been the fix.
  2. Yea that was next on my list to try...Though if that `fixes` it this will still be hard to work with. These long pauses are directly affecting the clip length so the clip would become shorter and i`m not sure the resulting effect on audio sync and other clips. I will try exporting when I get home today. Thanks.
  3. I select a clip and increase the speed to 150%. After waiting for it to cache I play it back to find a spot in the video "freezes". The frozen frame stays on the screen as the cursor moves and audio continues to play (audio is unlinked) and after the frozen frames the video continues normally (it doesn`t jump ahead or anything). The first time it happened I ended up cutting out the portion that was frozen as it was unneeded. But then I decided to speed the clip up more and now have another spot in the video that is frozen or paused for a few seconds during play back. The freeze is always in th
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