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  1. I changed the number but it still was going up when I was logging payments as Debit card, I deleted the software and started again but its doing it again :@ I have just had to change the number to 1 and then when i start to log cheques on the system I will just change it to the number I need and then back again when finished to prevent issues.
  2. I have just recently started using the EA software for our accounts since my mother passed away who did our accounts previously. Due to being half way through the year I was entering old accounts payable and Paid accounts into the software. I came to pay off the previous Accounts payable but it said that the Cheque number I was entering was already in use I went to the cheque list and there was about 10 cheques that were on the list that should not be cheques and when you go to the payment method it was listed as CASH. I voided these cheques and it then said cheque number 211 (w
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