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  1. Hello @Fade, Make sure that you have selected an effect from the list on the left. Check that Voxal is receiving your microphone's signal. If it is not receiving the signal, please follow the Microphone Configuration Directions. The status should read: Successfully processing! The audio meter will be moving as you speak, it should be in the Good Mic Level section Voxal must be opened prior to the program that you are using the effect in. Close both programs, open Voxal, then open the program where you would like to apply the voice effect Please let me know the outcome
  2. Hello Citus, It's my understanding these applications don't have a feature like the one you are mentioning. There is an option that allows you to integrate the applications to apply payments or credit notes but not to import invoices and orders. In case you would like to know more about this option to apply payments between the applications, please see the information below. I found it on their website. Express Invoice When you apply a payment or a credit note in Express Invoice, select the checkbox for Update Express Accounts The Receipts and Deposits window will open in Express Accounts Complete the information in this window Click the Record button This is the reference link: http://www.nchsoftware.com/accounting/kb/1124.html
  3. Have you tried by playing with the quality feature on the application itself? It seems like this option allows you to set quality settings for BroadCam, such as frame rate and image quality of FLV and HTML5 MP4 streams. You can select a codec and formats to improve the quality or to decrease the band-with required to view the video. This dialogue is found by clicking the Options icon on the toolbar and then clicking the Quality tab. The below information is also included on the application's manual. Video compression settings for high and low quality connections. Stream frame rate (For live streams only) This is the number of frames per second that will be displayed in the video/jpg stream. For a full movie quality this is normally 24 FPS (TV is either 25 or 30 depending on your country). Anything below 24 frames will start appearing jerky and below 10 very much so. There is no real reason to increase the frame rate above 24 (or 25/30 for TV). FLV image quality Click the Encoder Settings button to open the Flash Settings dialog. HTML5 image quality Click the Encoder Settings button to open the HTML5 Video Settings dialog.
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