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  1. I think we've got it. Thx so much for ur help.
  2. Got it. Cut and paste video from CD to my main drive. Had Prism change to avi file. Put that video into Vidro pad and it works properly. Any ideas why the raw video would not go beyond 40 secs?
  3. I tried another approach. I put another video that I had done some years ago into my laptop CD player. I opened Video pad (licensed) and tapped on Open Icon on left upper side. I directed VP to the large file to open ( which was from the cd in my E drive). it took about 2 minutes to load. When the clip preview came through, input my cursor on the file as I suggested. It shows 40 seconds..the same as on the Sequence Preview. Obviuosly there is a setting wrong somewhere? Any ideas?
  4. When I put the curser on the bin video file it shows a 45 second duration. Yet, if I go to the actual file in my laptop, and open it with VCL Media, it has one and half hour of content.
  5. Nat. Thanks for your detailed response. I think I am doing everything correctly, but for whatever reason, when I drag my unedited video from the bin to the timeline, both the clip preview and the sequence preview are the identical length..about 45 seconds. I thought I may have corrupted the original video, so checked, but it is the full 1 1/2 hour long. As I said, I simply want to shorten the original video. This seems like a no brainer, but I just cannot get the sequence preview to show the full video. Why? I have closed the complete program, and started f
  6. Feeling embarrassed. Opening a new file in Video Pad. My file (a video I want to change) drops to left side. I see Sequence preview. I also see the video in clip review. I want to remove the last 1/2 of the video content, but all this screen gives me is a preview of about 40 seconds. How do I transition the full video onto the video track so I can edit it as I need to . I can't seem to find the icon that takes the video from PREVIEW mode. If I drag it onto the video and audio track, I still only get the PREVIEW option.
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