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  1. It would appear that I have solved my problem with regard to messy video on big screen LED TV. After I upgraded tp VPJ 5.03 and use Verbatim 4.7-6x DVD media the DVDs play without issue. Not really sure what the real fix is.
  2. What type of blank DVD media is recommended for creating DVD for use on TV?
  3. deleted
  4. The process falls apart for me as; per #2; What is the Dropbox link? per#4; where do I find the addresses of the people I want to invite? Select Share… Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite.
  5. That exercise proved meaningless. I sent/shared the file through Dropbox and received the message below. The 'From:' was and https:// about 50 characters long that could not be recognized. From To Subject Received Size Bob Young (via Dropbox) bob.young@tcc.on.ca Bob Young shared "test02.vpj" with you 4:26 PM 14 KB
  6. The URL that you posted above does not explain the 'link' process. Please define "Post the link here". I do not understand what you are asking of me. What would the 'link' look like? This request; "Enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite" is the specific that I do not know how to answer.
  7. I think it is best to restate the issue that I am having. Rather than identifying the problem as 'saturation' I think it would be best to describe the issue as 'digitalisation' or 'pixelation'. The DVD video appears on the Big Screen LED TV as would a that provided by a dirty VHS tape or a VHS player with a dirty playback head. I have couple of sample videos; 17-05-08-Robin.avi and test02.vpj loaded into 'Drop Box'. I have no idea as to how to link these files back to this forum. It remains a mystery to me why these files are crappy on the Big Screen LED TV but work fine on my LED PC monitor and LCD TV.
  8. I have no idea of how to accomplish the task "upload it to Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or the like and link it here". The AVI is approximately 47 minutes in length. The AVI is posted to YouTube, Google 'YouTube Robins Nest composite'.
  9. I am still working through this conundrum. I have discovered that if I set the DVD player to 'Fast Forward' step of '2' or more the plays properly although it plays at a faster frame rate. This begs the question; How do I know/control the 'frame rate' that is being used to create the DVD? I am setting the creation of the DVD to NTSC.
  10. The Samsung LED TV works fine with retail DVD and cable input. I tried a different DVD player and the problem remains the same. I am reasonably sure the problem lies with either my methodology for making the AVI to DVD or the raw DVD (Walmart) itself. It is my methodology that I want to get refined first.
  11. I created/converted an AVI video to DVD. The video plays fine on LCD and PC LED monitor. When played on a Big Screen (Samsung) LED the colors saturate within a few seconds of operation. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong with my method of conversion/creation from AVI format to DVD format?
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