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  1. nobody knows I am guessing
  2. Hoping maybe someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. I will start by explaining what I am looking for. I run the warehouse for an electrical contractor. We are growing in size so my current methods of keeping our inventory is becoming out dated. We do not sell to the public all I need is just a raw and basic inventory system. We mostly deal in agricultural(chicken/hog houses, etc) so I keep a warehouse stocked with enough to supply all the electrical for a brand new one of these builds plus obviously we do the service calls so enough material to cover these items plus tools. That being said all I ever do is add and subtract stock. What I am wanting currently is to be able to make barcodes for our items and place it on the shelf. Scan said barcode and say 20qty to be removed and it updates our inventory. And the reverse for adding it back in. I read that it can scan barcodes for items but can you make them cause I cant use the barcodes from the manufacturers cause I can have one type of relay for instance made by 8 different companies. So to summarize: Can you make barcodes using Inventoria ? What kind of device options do I have for scanning and do I need additional software for them? Will it update as I add and remove, and can I do it in quantity or do I have to scan the same label a 100 times? Thanks for any help and any additional info is appreciated.
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