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  1. Sorry, are you trying to record the screen or use the camera on the iphone itself?
  2. It was there in recent projects, but when i clicked on it it showed 'Videopad could not locate the following files' again.
  3. Hi, Thanks for letting me know, just one question. how do you reload the project?
  4. Hi, I deleted a file I had finished, but wanted to edit. I received the message: can not find missing file. I figured out how to restore the file, but when i finally got onto videopad to edit, all the video and audio was edited as it should, but there was no editable text bars that i could adjust. the text still showed up in the video, though. Ive been trying, but Ive found no way to edit the text. i cant even delete it! P.S. Ive also tried putting a blank or a black picture to cover it so i can just put text on top, but the un-editable text still showed up.
  5. Hi guys, if any of you out there need any help, this is the place to be! if you see a question and you know the answer, feel free to reply to any puzzled peeps!
  6. Hi, I JUST figured out how to do this! open debut. under tools in the menu, select camera overlay. select enable. now in the drop down, select integrated camera, or whatever you desired camera is. you should see yourself in the bottom right corner! glad I could help! -sportssklz09
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