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  1. I have the same problem. for some reason I had an ammount of Accounts Payable Oppening Balance. today 1,5 year after startign teh busienss, need to adjust that. But If I simple edit the file as you sugest I am afraid the all over data will be broken such as actual balance etc etc
  2. I have the same problem. The solution above doesn't work. The system simply doesn't allow me to change the opening balance.
  3. Hi There. For some unknown reason, I had placed an opening balance on the accounts payable account chart, many months ago. Now we need to correct it, as it was a mistake. But surprisingly, all other accounts I am allowed to place and change the opening balance, but on teh accounts Payaable Accoutn I can't. Does anyone knows how I could do that? I treid at Chart of Accounts / Editing. No success, the opening balance appears on it, and it is impossible to be changed. Best Regards Ayres
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