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    Fixed Frame Rate

    Is there a way to fix the frame rate in Debut 4.0? I use Cubase to edit audio in my videos, and it uses standard frame rates. When I set my frame rate limit to 30 fps it records at 28.98 and is incompatible with Cubase, which accepts 29.97 and 30. I need to be able to record at a fixed 30 fps in order to use it with Cubase.
  2. tjstech

    Frame Rate Issues

    I have a similar problem: It appears that the frame rate you set in recording is not the actual frame rate, but the limit. I set my limit to 30 and the end result is 28.98, which is incompatible to Cubase when I want to edit the audio inside the video or add to it. The only work around I have found so far is to record my video with a "frame limit", then bring it into Video Pad Editor (which I think may be a trial version and I will later have to purchase it), where it is possible to set a fixed frame rate. Once I fix the frame rate at 30 I can load it into Cubase with no problems.
  3. I got about 10 uses on the same day of the "free" version, which is really a trial version. By the time I got it to work the way I needed it to work it ended my trial use and I had to purchase the professional version.
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