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  1. Hello, I can record with my USB-Cam. and ply it on every pc I have. Soon as I publish it on then Web, I only hear sound, no movie http://hetmosterdzaadje.be/TestVideo.html This is the webcode http://hetmosterdzaadje.be/Untitled.mp4
  2. I recently downloaded the personal version. Ihave I friend in USA, with the same disease as I have. We agreed that sending mails we would linke to send each other video messages. Hij uses another video capture,I run my own domain. When capturing the USB Cam, I can see my video with speech. But putting it on a different place, on my PC or Website, I only hear sound. When there is a personal Debut version, why put this in a pm? When its free it's free. Wtith limitations, I agree. But as I read, Everthing works exept I can live with (If I don't die Ivan I can locally watch my video (mp4) with VLC-player. But not on the net. or embed Now, the next day, I cannot save MP4 anymore My license seems expired. Do I look for another program or is there a sollution. Ivan
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