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  1. I had this issue. What it turned out to be for me was that when I left my computer (laptop) unattended during the night, it went into an automatic 'sleep mode' after a while, which paused all my downloads, stopped all my running processes. I see you say this has worked for uploads to youtube, but do you mean uploading a video which has already been exported or uploading a video directly form VideoPad to youtube? If the video has already been exported, then it's possible the upload time to youtube is less than the export time for a video, and it finished the upload before it goes into 'sleep mode'. Is it possible that this could be your issue?
  2. No video appears in the sequence preview window when I edit a video. It remains full black. The sounds plays as expected, and I am able to view clips in the 'clip preview', but after dragging them onto the timeline, they do not appear in the 'sequence preview'. Initially I was working with about 50 minutes of 1080p video, so I assumed the size of the file might be causing the issue. I waited for the entire video to be cached, and it still did not work. Curious, I tried a lower res, shorter video (780p, 10minutes) and it also did not appear. Finally, I dragged a simple jpeg image on to the timeline, and that also did not appear in the sequence preview. All the videos and the image appeared find in the clip preview. I have tried a fullscreen preview through ctrl + u , and the issue still persists. I have gone into preview options and tried to set the preview to every resolution from 384x288 through to 768x432 (I could try larger resolution, but I was seeing a pattern and didn't think it would help.) Any help would be very appreciated as the program is basically useless if I'm not able to see what I'm doing. EDIT: Solved. A silly mistake on my part. Right after posting this I went back to double check, and noticed the 360 preview button was active. I must have accidentally clicked it. After unclicking it, I am able to view the preview.
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