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  1. 9 hours ago, Nationalsolo said:


    How are you activating Lossless export??

    In version 6.22 here , if I have loaded MPEG4 clips to the timeline and then click the Export Video button on the toolbar followed by Lossless Video from the choices, after a pause the option just goes to a window with three inactive choices ..Local computer;   Google Drive and   Dropbox. None of these options work.

    If I select Export Lossless Video from the choices under the File menu (I dont see the "sandwhich" button here in THIS version of 6.22), it takes me to the same window with the three inactive choices. i.e. It's a dead end;  the prompts for which ought to be removed. (Unless your version they actually work.)

    I know the Lossless Video option box is in the export video window under the blue Default quality link but that's not easily noted. Is that what you are using? 


    I usually prefer to export by entering Ctrl+B on my keyboard. However, I have tried exporting using every other method available to me, including going to File > Export.

  2. It seems that, with every new version, you fix some problems but actively create even more!

    I'm on version 6.22 right now. Sometimes, I prefer lossless export because it takes less time. However, with version 6.22, when I use lossless export, it will always export beyond 100% of the video's length.

    Like with this export:


    This continues indefinitely, until my hard drive is completely filled up or until I cancel the export. And if I cancel the export, the video isn't watchable.

    This happens every time I use lossless export, and it's infuriating!

  3. When I'm typing text, I can very easily put an outline over the letters. By "outline," I mean that it conforms to the same shape as the letters, as the color around the outline is homogeneous.

    For example, suppose I'm trying to create a youtube thumbnail using the "snapshot" function. Suppose I want to have a character, person, or object be against a background. My options for making that object have a high color contrast against that background are very limited.

    For objects that aren't letters, however, the closest I currently know how to get to having an outline on them is using drop shadow. I can have the drop-shadow have 1.00 opacity to make it nice and bold, but it only provides an outline to one side of the object I'm trying to make an outline for. Then I have to do that for all four sides.

    Is there an easier way to do this?


  4. I have regressed to version 5.04 because version 6.10 has a glitch that makes my exports unwatchable: http://nch.invisionzone.com/topic/26212-export-quality/

    Anyway, I'm currently doing a series on youtube that requires a lot of censoring. A lot of bleep sound effects and a lot of blurring of people's mouths.

    This series is in 20-minute increments. However, after the first five or so minutes, the mouth-blur video effect appears to de-synchronize with the bleep sound effect after I export. The de-synchronization becomes more pronounced the longer into each episode I get.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?


  5. On 8/19/2018 at 7:58 PM, c_major said:

    It will be fixed in the upcoming version. Our support team will send you a free product key for the new version when it released. Thanks.

    Sweet. Do you have even the foggiest idea when the new version will be released?

  6. 12 hours ago, Dangerfreak said:

    I think the bitrate sometimes is set to 24kbs, if you change other export settings like the filename or the frame rate.

    Even if I manually check the bitrate before committing to an export, sometimes it will still export at 24kbps.

    The only way I can ensure it always exports at the correct bitrate is if I only export one sequence at a time.

  7. I'm currently using Version 6.10. I upgraded to that version to solve a bug. But now that I've upgraded, I've got a new problem.

    The video quality of my exports is absolute trash!

    I think I've noticed the main problem. If I select "export all sequences," I can set the initial export to 5000kbps. The first sequence will come out fine. After that, every subsequent export is supposed to have the same export settings as before, right? So subsequent exports should also be set to 5000kbps unless I change it.

    However, sometimes, especially when I'm exporting several sequences at once, the bitrate will randomly reset to 24kbps.

    Even I manually check the bitrate before each export, sometimes it will still export at 24kbps.

    So tell me: Do you have plans to fix this?

  8. I just upgraded to version 6.10. While that solved the problem of the indefinite sound processing, I have a minor grievance with version 6.10.

    The black background is just offputting.

    Is there any way I can change the settings in VideoPad to have the same white and light blue aesthetic as before?

  9. I'm moving to export my sequences. However, it just says "sound clips processing ... please wait."

    The problem is that all my sound clips are working perfectly. Also, VideoPad never actually finishes processing the clips. I can come back an hour later and it will still say "sound clips processing ... please wait."

    Reinstalling doens't fix the problem. Clearing the cache doesn't fix the problem, either.

    Btw, I'm using Version 5.04.

  10. I went into VideoPad this morning to try and edit some clips. However, after twenty minutes, the sound in these clips still hasn't processed yet.

    None of the clips have processed their sound.  I've got seven video clips in the project right now, and none of them actually play their sound.

    Reinstalling the software doesn't fix the problem. I can wait an hour, and the clips still won't have their sound processed.

  11. The sort of animation I'm thinking about can be seen in this video:

    h t t p s : / / w w w . y o u t u b e . c o m / w a t c h ? v = A - c h D C l m d o s

    starting at 0:51, you can see that they use almost exclusively still images. To create the illusion of movement, these still images are slowly zooming in, zooming out, or panning in one direction. For example, the map at 0:52 is slowly zooming in towards its center, while the stain glass painting after it starts at the center and slowly pans upward ... and so on and so forth.

    How do I do that animation in VideoPad?

  12. So I've got a high-res photo of a person and I want to use their face in another photo. How do I remove the background and leave their body intact?

    Before, I did this by going into MS Paint, hand-coloring everything around their bodies a solid color, and then going into VideoPad and using the green screen effect on that color before taking a snapshot.

    But that was an extremely time-consuming process. If I made even the slightest mistake, if I were even so much as a pixel off in any direction, the green-screened image wouldn't come out right.

    Does photopad have an easier way to do that?

  13. So I'm wanting to use some artsy fonts in my videos and snapshots (I use the snapshot feature in VideoPad to create the thumbnails for my videos) to help give my work some unique spaz and flavor. But once I've downloaded the new fonts, I have no idea how to import them for use in Video Pad!

    Are there any tutorials on how to do that?

  14. I have checked both of those. Both are working. But I still get no change in the voice.

    I have an update. I was actually changing my voice using your software last night. But tonight, I tried it again, and it's not changing my voice again.

    So the software only works when it feels like it.

  15. I'm trying to record some gameplay footage. Out of the box, the recording was pixelated. So I followed these instructions ...


    ... that fixed the pixelation, but now I have another problem: The gameplay footage itself is slowed down to about 10fps!

    I've got myself an AMD FX-8350, a Geforce GTX 750ti, and 10GB of DDR3 RAM. So the problem can't possibly be my hardware.

    How do get the framerate to be acceptable?

  16. For some reason, the problem just randomly stopped. I'm able to import videos again and export the projects.

    Maybe it's the fact that I not only ran that executable that C_Major gave me, but also closed down the VideoPad application and restarted it.

    If the problem resurfaces, I'll let you know.

  17. Running as administrator doesn't help.

    I extracted the DLL to the folder you said, but when I tried to import a video, it said that pthreadgc2.dll was also missing.

    So I ran that executable you gave me. But it still says I swresample-0.nch.dll is missing.

    So which folders do I extract those to once I download them?

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