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  1. Hi. I've been using Videopad for a while, just posted a few days ago about an upload problem, now I've worked that out somewhat, but another huge problem popped up. I'm editing a video and anytime I try to do an "effect," the effects screen goes white, my mouse turns into an hour glass and the effects screen flashes- from white to flat out not existing, and eventually does nothing. Please, please help. Thank you.
  2. I am using the latest version, 5.03 I just backed up the file using "save portable file as" and opened the resulting "untitled project" and am now trying to upload that, but I'm not sure how different the result will be yet. The computer has 8.00 RAM, and i7- 4500U CPU
  3. Hi. I've used videopad for a while, but am now having some problems and desperately need some help. when my video exports, parts of it freeze, while the audio continues without problem. I've read other threads on this issue, but nothing has worked... I've tried mp4, mpg, avi and have tried exporting to dropbox, drive, video file, and youtube, but nothing has helped. Please give advice! Thank you!
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