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  1. Just came back to this little project and thread. Using the PNG 32bpp format did indeed encode the image sequence with an alpha channel. Thanks for the support!
  2. Still having issues with exporting an alpha channel. Even a .png sequence contains a black background that has seemingly overwritten the alpha channel apparent in the editor.
  3. Perhaps I could export a .png image sequence and then use some commands in ffmpeg to encode a .webm video with alpha background. I'll try to share the solution I end up with.
  4. I thought it would be good to continue on this past post since it seemed relative. If there's a forum admin that can split this thread I can send a request. Anyway. I already have tried adding in a blank color layer like you mentioned and applying a green screen affect. I still end up with the black background. I'm trying to export the video in a .webm format. This is so I can use the video as what's called a stinger transition in live video streaming. I had managed to do this with lightworks before. I was hoping to use videopad since it's more user friendly and this isn't the primary focus of the broadcast.
  5. I'm having the same issue with transparent images automatically having a black background applied to what is transparent when applying visual affects. I'm on windows 7 with videopad v5.03.
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