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  1. I have some MP3 files that were converted from WMA files by Switch Plus (version 5.20, purchased). Windows Media Player (version 10) on my Windows XP computer cannot play these MP3 files. (They do play, however, on my Win 7 computer.) Anyone else have this problem?
  2. Hi, N_C_H_josh. Yes, under Automatic Tag Writing, the option for "Copy track information from the CD database into the output file audio tags" is indeed selected. I never concerned myself with that option because I haven't been dealing with CD's when using Switch. So I went ahead and un-checked that option, and then converted 2 other WMA files to mp3 files, while leaving the Genre field blank. Unfortunately, "(148)" is still showing up in the Genre field in the final mp3 files.
  3. Thanks, Vapors, for your reply. My concern with your response (and maybe it's unwarranted) is this: My 96 kbps WMA file is already low quality. If I convert that WMA file to mp3 at a low 96 kbps again (as you suggested), won't that create an even lower quality sound?
  4. Let’s say I have a WMA file that was created with a bit rate of 96 kbps. Now I want to convert that WMA file to mp3 using Switch. What is the lowest bit rate I can use to preserve most/all of the sound quality of that WMA file, while also keeping the new mp3 file as small as possible? Thanks.
  5. After the Switch Sound Format Converter completes the conversion of WMA files to mp3 files, I usually don’t input any tag into the Genre field. Nevertheless, when I don’t input a tag and when I later view the converted files detail using Windows Explorer, the Genre field will show “(148)”. What does (148) mean? How can I prevent Switch from automatically putting this “(148)” tag into the Genre field when I want the field to be blank? Thanks.
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