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  1. I dl the free version on 17 march. The terms do not say anyting about limited duration. I try a few tests, not knowing there are time or usage limits so I don't try to make every test count the most. I find some bugs then by March 20 I get the message asking me if I want to buy the progtam or user the free version. I use the free option then but today I do the same but when clicking record, I get a message demanding that I buy the program or enter the activation key. So where is the free for ever version? I have not yet found the limitations to know if it is of much use.
  2. Useing mp4 encoding, the audio runs very slow (I guess a factor of 3) but have not made careful measuremnts. It does not depend highly on the audio bit rate. debut.exe CPU uage is 3 to 13% during playback. Useing avi, I have not seen a problem. running Windows 7 with 1.6 GHz Celeron CPU 64 bit.
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