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  1. Oh, forgot. I have purchased Express Scribe. It does not compare with Wave Pad in tweaking a poor audio.
  2. I am a transcriptionist, and I need all the help I can get, hearing the audio files I receive. The best audio editor anywhere is this Wave Pad. Please, please tech folks, put the foot pedal ability in the Wave Pad. Others, also, using Wave Pad, may actually need to click between windows for any number of reasons. No foot pedal ability is slowing us all down. Thank you!
  3. ooops! I did write WordPad when I meant to type WavePad... so sorry. I would prefer to use WavePad because the sound is much more clear... like night and day difference. Express Scribe does have adjustments, but they're not as beneficial as with WavePad. I thought perhaps you were an NCH Pro. I sure do thank you for getting back to me. Do you know how I could submit a suggestion to the Pro's?
  4. Hi Vapors! Thank you! Yes, I am using Windows too. I am a Transcriptionist, and by "KEY FUNCTIONS" I mean using the keys for say... SPACE for Stop or Play, or F10 to play normal, or F11 for play slow. I would LOVE to use WordPad for Transcription because of the added controls over the voice. There are controls in Express Scribe, but not to the quality of WordPad. I need to have my Word Program open at that same time, because I'm typing what I hear. Is there a setting that I've missed, to make this do-able? I really thank you for your response. :-)
  5. Hello. Is there any way to minimize NCH Wavepad, and continue using the Key Functions? I would love to use this program, but I switch back and forth with Microsoft Word. WavPad seems to only respond when it is the foremost and active window. Thank you in advance for any help.
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