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  1. Hi, I've been having trouble with failed exports lately. I just bought a new PC: Dell Inspiron 15 7000, CPU Intel i7, 512GB SSD, 8 RAM, Nvidia graphics card. It's *way* better than my previous PC (Dell Vostro, non SSD, 4 RAM), and yet I am having trouble exporting vids. I tried reducing the video lengths, effects, transitions - but videopad seems inconsistent with which vids it will export and which it will fail to. Whereas last night I successfully exported a 27 min. long video , with 2 crossfade transitions, over 3 clips, as well as a 15 min. vid made up of about 20 clips and 9 tr
  2. Hi, I tried to make the preview pane bigger, and changed the settings through the options, but it onlk made the picture smaller, and the frame surrounding it thicker. I want to get back to the default settings. They were around 700+/- over 400+/-, but I don't remember the exact numbers. What are the default settings for the preview format? Thank you
  3. ligi

    Fade in?

    Thank you both, Nat and Borate, for the very useful explanations. Both options work really well, and complement each other :)
  4. ligi

    Fade in?

    is this perhaps only a feature of the pro edition? bc i just have the regular editor
  5. ligi

    Fade in?

    well, i just downloaded it, and opened it, and there is no change in any of the features - except that now it says it's version 5.02. there are only 5 options for fades in the transitions menu, same as before, with no fade in. any suggestions?
  6. ligi

    Fade in?

    I see you mention that in the recent VP version, there is a fade in option available without having to insert a blank clip. I bought my VP in January of 2017, and I don't see such an option. I have the 4.58 version. I've seen mention of version 5.0 - when did that come out?
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