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    FX Management

    Thank you Nationalsolo, but I think you misunderstood what I said. I'm aware of the remove/delete X beside each effect. I don't want to delete/remove them... I want to be able to temporarily bypass/disable them. I would like to do this for individual FX and/or for the all of them attached to the clip. This is a useful ability that exists in other programs (editing and compositing). You can look at AfterEffects or the free Kdenlive for this sort of thing (there were a couple of others that I tried... but now I forget what they're called). Thank you, M
  2. Morbott

    FX Management

    Hi there, just had a question about managing FX in Videopad. 1/ Can I bypass (dissable) all FX on a clip? 2/Can I bypass (dissable) individual FX in the FX popup window? 3/ Can I dock the FX popup window so it's always there if I want it. It would update based on what clip I have selected. (What I mean by dock it to have the FX window in the interface just like the preview window or, clip window.) The would be helpful features if they aren't all ready there. I'm alsmost done testing the software and in all likelihood I'll purchase it this afternoon. I look fo
  3. Oh ma gawd! It's a thing of beauty. I'm so looking forward to this. Thank you, M
  4. That would affect the color of the thing I'm working on. I don't want that. I just want an option to have a version of the software that is darker. It's a nice feature that other software out there offer the user. I think Kdenlive offers 4 different color themes for the software. I know, I know.... why don't I just go and use Kdenlive... you might ask. I tried and had bigger problems with it than the color of the software. So I abandoned it. I tried VideoPad and really like it for what it can do. Now if only they can make it so it's not so jarring on the eyes... that would take it up notc
  5. Hi, I guess I should have been clearer. I don't mean to suggest changing anything super substantial like the Icons or layout of the software as I feel good about all that. It's the current bright color palate of the software that is murder on my eyes (plus it feels kinda old school, IMO). It would be nice to maybe have a few darker options. Might make it feel more contemporary and give my eyes a little break. M
  6. Is it possible to load "themes" in VideoPad to change the look of the software? Thank you, M
  7. Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to control the speed of a clip/video/sequence (not sure the right term). What I mean by control is to be able to set where the speed change starts and when it should go back to normal. Thank you in advance for any help. M
  8. Hi, and thank you both for your solutions. In the end I sort of came up with a solution similar to what Nationalsolo suggested. It's too bad that we have to hack around to get that look, but oh well... it does the trick. Thanks again for your help. M
  9. Hello, I'm trying out this software to see if I should purchase it. So, I'm trying to do something and not getting the expected results. I'll try to take you step by step through my process. I hope someone can help me out. -I have a video of me chatting away, that I want to put over another video. I'll be scaling it down and positioning it in the corner. Fairly straight forward. -what I would like to do as well though is to crop the video of myself to some thing more reasonable, so I use the crop effect. What I see in the clip preview window is the video cropped but with transpa
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