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  1. Thanks everyone for your suggestions, however I've been able to follow @borate and @Nationalsolo suggestions. but the problem am having now is that i can't drag it to surround the letter i want, the dragging doesn't reflect in the sequence preview window. I only have two preview windows, one is for the text i added and the second one is for the video where i want to apply the text, but I can drag text on the first window but i can't see the 2nd preview window whenever am dragging the text on the first window. How do i get 2nd window to be visible when am dragging text on the first window, or how does it work?
  2. Thanks borate for your quick response, could you please explain more(steps to take) better so i can understand what you are asking me to do here. I think the second option you gave would be more suitable for what i want to do. e.g Lets say out of all the words on this page i want to put a square or circle or underline on this word alone. Thanks for your help, Remember am a newbie..
  3. Hi, I need help here, I have a tutorial video that am working on. I want to be able to put a circle or underline on the word or something I want my audience to put their attention to. Is there a way to do that please help. Thanks in advance for your quick response
  4. Thank you @Nationalsolo that was very helpful.
  5. Hello, I really need urgent help here please, is there a way to increase part of clip seed, when I selected the start and end of the portion I wanted to increase the speed and right click on it i didn't get any option to increase the speed, I only got an option to delete the selected area. Any help please..
  6. Nhiyhe

    Improving Audio

    Wow, thanks a lot borate your quick and helpful response. I really appreciate that..
  7. Nhiyhe

    Improving Audio

    Thanks borate, for your help. I downloaded the free trial of Video Pad and Wave Pad. I was able to export the audio file into Wavepad and edited it. it sound great, but when i imported it back to Video Pad and drag it to audio panel, it gives me an error saying that the previous video has a video attached to it but this one does'nt and it has to revert back to the old one. Please is there any other way i can add the edited audio to the video, any solution please as this is exactly what i was looking for, even though it means i have to invest in another two editing softwares. Thanks
  8. I Recently bought Debut Video Capture Software. I was able to record and the recording was great. However the audio is not that good. so am wondering if there is a way of editing(Improving Sound quality, Removing background noise) the audio to improve sound quality or any audio software i can use?. I found Video Pad and am not sure if it is the right software to buy before I invest in it. I've already found out about an exciting features Video Pad offers, I just wanted to be sure its a great tool to edit audio in my video. Thanks
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