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  1. Already fixed it, I just had to reinstall but how do these bugs happen all by itself? It pisses one off, I already have to tolerate how hard is to watch a preview on a video and I already have one video that went completely wrong on the effects (because I couldn't see a preview) My FPS has always been 30, the preview is not slow it just takes time loading and I don't think fps have nothing to do with being unable to go to what happened in the previous frame, because it wasn't going slow it was just not letting me go back and instead of going back it went ahead on the video Note: it was working before but it just one day decided to don't let me go back
  2. I fucking hate this with the huge amount of mistakes, glitches and lag for fuck sake I can't go back, I can't properly edit the video because I can't go to previous frame, help? it works sometimes but this is just annoying and why are there so many errors? is impossible for me to make a video without being annoyed while editing
  3. Is there something that flv does better Thanks mp4?
  4. I had always used mp4 because I thought it was the best and it is it's been known for it's quality thing is, for videopad preset "Youtube 480p" they put you on flv, why is that? is there a reasoning into why flv goes better with videos of this quality or something? I tried to do research but most people just tell you which one is the best and they didn't give enough specifications, so well, can someone explain it to me? I'll still be using mp4 until I get an answer
  5. Now I am rendering the 720p version (same settings) after that 480p, 360p, and then 240p I will never make videos in 1080p since obs makes my computer even crash when I record at 1080p, almost crashed in less than a minute one time, is just my computer I can only record at 480p and I just did 720p and 1080p in this video for testing rate factors and show them to people My computer simply doesn't get along with 1080p unless I am playing the content not creating it
  6. I already said it was 1080p (youtube resolution), h264 rate factor 10 audio KB 360 And I already said that anncec, x264 and Videopad were ocuppying CPU, is not about making the computer faster is about making the rendering process faster I increased the priority of the audio and video coding procces to real time, video pad low, I don't know if videopad.Exe has something to do with the encoding so I put it at low (and it went a lot faster, took 1 day for getting 50%, today it took hours to finish the rest, awesome idea increasing priority)
  7. My encoding is taking too long as I was expecting, it has been one or two days I don't know I want to increase the priority of the encoder, I know how is just that I have three options, 264 encoder, audio encoder and videopad Everything is realtime except videopad, I left the priority at low because I think it has nothing to do with the encoding but my question is this, does the videopad process have something to do with the encoding? will there be any change if I increase it? my computer is handling real time pretty well but with videopad it becomes a little laggy, I am not sure if it will be worth the lag to put videopad.exe process in realtime So is it worth it? and is there anything more to make it faster unrelated to changing the rate factor or the audio kb? I will not cancel the encoding and I don't care if it takes to long, is 1080p a quality that I am aware my computer is not good at, and the video is 3 hours
  8. Lol, I just solved it just when you replied Thank you anyway
  9. Solved, kinda I convert it to wav and it worked, though, I can't believe this doesn't support mp3 :/ is one of the most known format
  10. I can't add an audio to videopad, I am trying to put it as an ending, in the ending I am supporting a Patreon for a game I just played, can someone help me here? Here is the file, is a really cool song http://www.mediafire.com/file/a7q4oxbaod7guh1/RetroVision+-+Puzzle.mp3 I did not upload it, it was someone else
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