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  1. Hello I have multiple audio clips in a sequence that are "unlinked" to the corresponding video since I had to modify them with Audacity. I'd like now to be able to select all the audio clips in the sequence, group them, "glue" them if that is doable, and then do some "global" editing on all the audio clips of the sequence at once. The clips are all grouped in a single group. Gluing audio clips could be very interesting for that purpose. I could export the movie and work on the rendered movie, but that has obvious drawbacks... Any hint? Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks C_Major. I recreated the MXF files with MediaCoder, in "Copy video/Copy audio" mode with only the needed audio track selected, so that I ended up with MXF files with a single audio track.. But if VP was able to open all the audio tracks, which ARE in the source file(s) and which it can open the first track, this would be even better... Since it can open one audio track and it seems it can manage several audio tracks in a sequence (but I did not find out how to add another audio track yet), the functionalities seem to be already there, it would be much a matter of ergonomics that adding a new functionality per se. Thanks anyway
  3. Hello I am new to VideoPad and I am trying to use MXF files as sources. MXF files are Canon containers. These MXF files have 2 audio tracks, and I want to keep only the second track but I seem to be able only to use the first audio track. When I convert the files in such a way that only the second track audio is present, everything seems to be OK. Is there a way to select the desired audio track from a multiple-audio-track source file in VideoPad? Thanks in advance
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