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  1. Thanks, I tried several times but it did not work, I even left it in mono and curiously opened both speakers but only once, then I went back to stereo and it was useless, so to make the voice in both speakers I take the recording to Sound Forge PRO 10 and there I make the transfer of voice for both speakers, again thanks for answering me.
  2. The music records in stereo but the voice only in mono, what can I do to change the voice of the microphone in stereo?
  3. Sheila, we have the same problem, just 6 days ago I bought MixPad Multitrack Mixer (Master's Edition) and every time the recording stops at any time, it is frustrating the situation, I already communicated with the technical service but nothing positive happened, they only make me Questions, I think this problem is generalized, what I have of advantage is that I can still ask for a refund if this is not repaired. Greetings.
  4. This problem is generalized because the same thing is happening to me and I already communicated with the technical service support but the problem has not been solved, it is really frustrating and I already noticed that several users have the same difficulty
  5. The same problem I have with MixPad Multitrack Mixer (Master's Edition) and I communicated several times with technical support and I ask questions and suggestions that I make to the letter but equally, I still frustrated, the stops is also random and is from MixPad , To continue so I will have to request a refund, just 5 days ago that I bought the service. (If you fixed the problem tell me how you did it please)
  6. Thanks for answering, and if there is audio added to a microphone to sing, the problem is another but I can not detect it, I already wrote to technical support but the solution sent to me (a link) did not work, please help me.
  7. 2 days ago I bought the version MixPad Multitrack Mixer (Master's Edition) And I have problems when I'm recording at half-recording stops and that always happens to me, What do I have to do so that does not happen?
  8. Everytime I start to record a song the system stops and the recording is left unfinished, my question "Why and what should I do?
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