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  1. I think the most common "bad effect" when capturing VHS to digital format is the noise that often appear at the top and bottom of the screen. What I wonder is: Can I set some preference in Debut Pro that will cut out a a portion of the top and bottom while recording it? What I mean is something like this: I record in the 720*576 resolution but would like to only capture 700*576 in real-time thus cutting out 10 rows of pixels at the top and bottom. I know that I can do this afterwards in some editing software but that usually means re-coding which is not an lossless procedure. Ho
  2. Does your computer have a webcam? Mine has, an integrated one, as it's a laptop. Wonder if that stops Debut from showing up?
  3. Where do you find the integrated camera option?
  4. Not sure that I understand you correctly. If I click on webcam, the leftmost menu choice, it will activate the webcam, that's it. Where do you mean I can check if it is erroneously detected? There's a menu, Tools----> option... that gives you settings for web camera, capture device, network camera and screen capture. In web camera settings there's a drop down list, the default choice is USB camera but it also lists a USB 2828x device which I believe is the VHS capture I'm using. However, choosing the capture device all settings are grayed out.
  5. And now I have tried with Windows Movie Maker. Same thing there. Can it be that Power Director's device driver blocks other drivers?
  6. I've tried another capture software but it has fallen short in one important area so I though I would give Debut a chance. However, when I try to connect to my VCR I get the error message No valid capture device could be found. Now, this is a bit puzzling as I can switch to the other software and connect without problem. I wouldn't mind paying for Debut but of course I need to know that it works with my system first. By the way, both the screen and web camera capture seems to work. Haven't actually tried to capture anything with them yet but the connection is there at least.
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