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  1. Hi everyone, I am trying to use my Diamond VC500 to record VHS tapes that I have so that I can back them up. I ran this one time and it worked beautifully on the first tape. On the second tape, it wasn't so great. Anytime that I get to the actually recording part of the wizard and click record, the video gets choppy and stops. When I click the stop button, the video plays just fine. I do not believe it is the device itself because CyberLink PowerDirector and other softwares recognize and record with my VC500 just fine. I wanted to try Golden Videos as I had heard good things, but t
  2. I am using a Diamond VC500 and a Lenovo T430S laptop webcam. Whenever I try to record from either, the screen is nothing but green. It is highly frustrating and I was wondering if anyone has run into these issues before. Basically anything that I use to record shows up green.
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