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  1. For some reason, there are no column headings showing up on my invoices or statements. The data is showing in the columns and the math looks right, but nothing at the top of each column to indicate what the column is for. What am I missing??? Rob
  2. I paid for the Express Invoice Software at Staples, yet it is telling me that I can't get technical support for the free version. Who did my money go to? Just wondering if I got fleeced? Rob
  3. I am new to this software. I purchased it because I am interested in being able to have information available on the road if necessary. I plan to issue/print all invoices from my desktop, but I would like to be able to check on accounts on my iPad. I understand that there is an iOS app for Express Invoice. Do I need to purchase the $14.99 app if I have already purchased the desktop version? Thanks Rob
  4. All of my customers are person's names. The name has to be entered first name last name in the customer name field to appear correctly on the invoice. However, it is sorting by the first name alphabetically. Is there a way to sort the customer list by the last name? Or is there a way to change the customer name field to Last Name, First Name format but still have the name appear First Name Last Name on the invoices and statements? Thanks Rob
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