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  1. I bought this and because I had my records for the last year on a spreadsheet, set about inputting the records from April 2016. This was a long drawn out affair as it does not remember the last date you input and I found there was no ledger to enter records so each time I had to tab back through the months. I thought I would put the deposits on a month at a time and reconcile the bank account a month at a time. I was not expecting a problem at reconciliation as the debits and credits are correct and been double checked. I am not sure whether I got in a mix up over the starting balance but essentially, the reconciliation does not balance. Can anyone help with this as I don't want to start all over again as it took so long in the first place but I am at a loss to know how to get it to reconcile. The rollback button is not highlighted and I gather you can only rollback once anyway. I used to use quickbooks ( a few years ago) and never had a problem then? Help please?????
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