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  1. Where is the upgrade to the roof function; you did say about 2 weeks back in March 2016. I hope it will include the ability for domer windows and plain slooping roofs.
  2. Sorry managed to solve it. It is a combination of increasing Stair height and Tread Rise. Thanks for the suggestion any way.
  3. Doing as you say makes the stairs longer so it ends going through the back wall and not up in height
  4. Why does an items while sorting it out get placed in the wrong place. Why is it often impossible to select/delete items in the wrong place. Also why do some items disappear and the turn up perhaps in the wrong place or floor and can not be deleted.
  5. How do you change height of individual walls. Is this availaible, if not when will it be implemented. I am using DreamPlan Plus.
  6. Please explain where to find the number of treads; on the normal program the options for the stairs does not include a number. The only options availaible are Stairway Width, Stairway Height, Tread Rise, Tread Run and Tread Nose which are all size, The manual/tutorials does not explain the re;ationship between the options and how to get them to match the wall height. Also there is no option for adding railings. Please can someone help.
  7. I am trying to all small items ontop of another, The problem is that at lot of time the item I am adding dissapeared when adding on top of another for example putting a light on a table or a microwave on a kitchen unit. please can you advise how to overcome this problem
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