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  1. Hello, Thanks for the answers. While trying to make some video capture, if I do not start the vcr player in seconds, the capture window closes with error message. Is there something wrong ? Thanks Motim
  2. Hello Forum, How can I control data rate of the output video to reduce the file size and still keep reasonable quality. Answers will be appreciated. Thanks Motim
  3. Hello Forum, I have some video vcr cassetes left and want to make a dvd out of them. (Still have a vcr player). Purchased a usb capture device (usb video capture), bundled with driver and software. My question: If I just install the driver, is it possible to use the capture option in "VideoPad" program, to eliminate installing additional program ? OS win 10 pro 64bit (1709), lot of disk space, ram 8 gb, i5 intel cpu. Answers will be appreciated. Thanks Motim
  4. Hello, Thanks so much for this, it is one of the best tutorials I got recently from a forum. To access the text setting box is a little differant: at the right side of the text window there is a button with a font inside, clicking on it opens the text settings, all the rest is almost the same. Double-click on the text clip in the bin allso opens the text setting box. I took a screen shot of this tutorial and saved it in the program's folder to have it when needed. Thanks again. Regards Motim
  5. Hello, I am new here and hope this is the right place for my question. Using "Videopad editor" I'm trying to 'put' text (moving or stable) on top of a video clip. When I click the text button, a text clip is opened but the bacground is sort-of Blue-Purple - not transparent. In the video tutorial of the program it shows the text clip background is transparent. If I try to make the text clip in the program transparent, it maks also the text transparent. When I load this text clip on a second time-line the video clip is slightly coverd with Bluish 'screen'. My OS is
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