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  1. Also, it would be great if we could have interpolation settings such as Nearest Neighbor (blocky) Bilinear (standard) Lancoz (nicer but more expensive) Bicubic (same as above)
  2. Been using VP for years and been having the same issue. No matter the computer, hardware, or preview setup, performance is bad. This is because unlike the rest which uses real-time processing, VP processes all effects and what not, then encodes them for preview (at least that's what I can infer). Sadly I don't think they utilize hardware encoding which makes lives soo much easier for us. QuickSync and alike is very common today. Everybody should be able to duplicate the problem.
  3. Alright, looking forward to VideoPad 5. Cheers
  4. Hi, I am about to switch PCs soon and would like to have my registered VideoPad license on it. Is it possible to enter the same registration code on that computer?
  5. Very clever indeed! Though it may introduce tiny bits of quality loss (depends on the utility). I guess it might be wise to split these videos, can't imagine myself watching a 2 hour footage in a go. For the next versions, I was thinking of utilizing hardware encoding, or more advanced options such as tuning, preset, profile, etc. But since v4.58 is starting to gain some use of hardware acceleration then I guess NCH is on the right path. Thanks for your advice btw.
  6. As of later versions of VideoPad, when an export is canceled or failed it gets deleted (Which I think is a bad idea since 99.99% of the file can be played but why throw it in the bin?) This is my second failure after 24 hours. I might want to do this once again with the AVI container instead of MKV. P.S. Screenshot of the timeline is attached. I also tried exporting a minute from the sequence and it worked. So does the failure has to do with complexity or...if it encodes the video/audio data successfully but failed to close the container then I guess the MKV contai
  7. Been using hardware accelerated effects. PC specs? i5-4200U at 1.6 to 2.1 GHz 4 GB RAM GeForce 840m Disk has 68 GB free. And also after 12 hours of exporting a video, it failed at 99.9%...
  8. I've been with VideoPad since 2.x back in 2012. Took me a long while to write here as I'm now getting really concerned with performance issues. To be technical, my primary source file is an MKV w/ H264 and AAC at 480p60 resolution, 2 h 33 min in length at 9.1 GB, which I know is too huge but at least it brings about an extreme test to VideoPad's performance. All I want to do is to trim and add my audio commentary to it, I began by placing the whole thing into the timeline and began snipping from there. Here is what I found: - Splitting, cutting, manually moving the cursor b
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