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  1. I solved our problems. (windows 10) 1 - install soundtap 2- When restarting you must hold shift when clicking on restart. follow the instructions on how to disable driver signature verification. http://www.howtogeek.com/167723/how-to-disable-driver-signature-verification-on-64-bit-windows-8.1-so-that-you-can-install-unsigned-drivers/ when this is done correctly, your windows will be restarted without the red "x" over the speaker icon and sound tap will now work. unfortunately for me, i have to restart in this mode everytime while soundtap is installed. If i don't, th
  2. Same Issue, When soundtap is installed my audio driver is not. I used to have soundtap on my old computer running windows 10. I just got a new computer today, still running windows 10 but the new soundtap software i just downloaded ( and paid for) doesnt seam compatible with windows 10. I had to uninstall sound tap and restart to get my audio back working again. please help!
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