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  1. Hello, I downloaded Animate Express, because I needed to create some type of background with an object (circle) moving back and forth (one movement lasts 0.5 seconds). The video it self lasts 1 minute with the circle moving 60:0,5 = 120 times back or forth. I basically imported an image as background and created a circle shape. Within that shape I asigned positions using the time board. I need the video to have a high framerate - I clicked on 60. The problem is the export function seems to have its own will: Sometimes it will start sometimes it won't. The funny thing is - it works when I start running a video in the background ?!?? If I don't play a video nothing happens - after a while I'll receive a message that the video has been created but it has less than 1 mb and of course corrupted. If I play a video the exporting process starts but it will freeze a few times through out the export process and I will have the same freezes when I play the exported video. Any help would be appreciated! Kind regards
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