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  1. It is sad, that the makers of this software just don't respond to this issue. Every invoicing software I ever used before had the option to get rid of old data. At this moment my Express Invoice is extremely slow , very annoying and unresponsive. I would like to just get rid of at least some invoices so it works properly again.
  2. I have my backups, but for every day use old data just slows the program down.
  3. The program is getting slower and slower and I see no option to remove last year's invoices that are totally useless to me. Any ideas ?
  4. So I went to edit that payment and it let me assign that check to a different customer's invoice but the first one remained paid. It should be showing due since I took that payment away .. Any ideas ?
  5. I want to leave only this year and unpaid last years invoices so the program runs faster
  6. Thank you, Teri. Express Invoice is the only program that does this , and it is only some parts of it that didn't enlarge after setting font to 300%. I'm thinking this may have to be looked at by the support team
  7. text size is set to 300 % . This seems to be enlarging some of the text of the program but does not affect some. For example when making an invoice, the subtotal and total amount is almost invisible If I lower the resolution, than what was the point of paying 2K for a laptop with sharp screen ?
  8. Everything is small, but some things are just impossible to read, Solutions ?
  9. 5.01 just like you . Somehow I got the 2 dates to show but it displays them just like yours. I gave up on using %period% but now if I edit those out of recurring invoices, it wants to change the whole cycle instead of just editing the content of the invoice.. This program is good, but recurring invoices need some work as right now it's not a straight forward function
  10. I just created over a 100 recurring invoices with the %period% inserted in description , frequency monthly and every one of the invoices has a single date instead of from- to dates . The date is actually the invoice date (yesterday)
  11. Actually it is easy. when the invoices are ready to generate, press run recurring invoices on the menu on the left
  12. makes no sense, I have more than 100 recurring invoices and have to run them one at a time ? I hope there is a solution to this
  13. I want my recurring invoices to display billing period that is for example Januari 1 to january 31 I used %period% in description line and set it to monthly, but I get single date instead of from - to dates. What is the correct procedure ?
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