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  1. Hi Spoon, I think I may have found a "fix" for this problem. It may not be convenient in all setups, particularly if you use the PC running the application for other things. I have changed the time zone to Australia, and disabled the auto DST update (because it would fall back in March and spring forward in October!). I have added a note to the desktop and diaried a reminder to change the time at the end of March and October. Since doing this, it has not changed any times or dates. With regards deleting files, I do not use the auto delete function, but when attempting to manually delet
  2. Hi, The version of BMS we are currently using (4.05) has a very annoying bug, whereby times and dates set in the date validity dialogue change each time you edit this screen, moving one hour / one day earlier. We have been putting up with this for some time, by not setting dates / times, however this means somebody has to remember to remove the auto play times when an announcement is not required. It was suggested to me by Technical support that this was a problem with time zones, we are based in the UK. Does anybody know if this problem has been resolved? Thanks in advance.
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