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  1. No need to answer. I found the answer to this problem. It lay with my keyboard and it just took a while to figure out.
  2. I have the strangest thing happening today. I'm using Express Scribe Pro, and when I do the F1 and then Ctrl+V to put in a time stamp, it pastes in what I copied previously, say, from Google Chrome. In addition, it's opening a new window of Google Chrome. If Chrome is closed, it opens a new window anyway. I tried rebooting my computer, thinking it was just freaking out on me(as sometimes the windows freeze from being on too long and a reboot fixes many small glitches), but it's continuing. I need to time stamp and I'd prefer to just do it quickly, without having to spend time typing it out every 30 seconds throughout this 114 minute file... Do any of you have any ideas what might be going on?
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