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  1. This issue has been reported several times to technical support. You cant make it work consistently by changing machines, changing browsers, or changing browser settings.
  2. Everything worked fine in the older version but 5.02 is giving errors when you try to retrieve voice mail. We have reinstalled and checked the url and passwords carefully. Sometimes the login just fails. And sometimes when you click on the wav file you get a small window that says "session expired" or a small window that takes you to the admin logon screen. Our network engineers have worked on this for 3 days changing the port and changing the browsers. Is there a fix ?
  3. After logging into the web page to retrieve a voice mail when we click on play we get a small box popping up that says "session expired". We have enabled all cookies.
  4. rdc

    IVM 4.03 Hang up

    The OGM plays and then if you don't talk loud and right away it gives you a recording time out or silence detected error and hangs up. I have a Cahta. I have tried all the settings for the enable tone detect. How do you make it stay connected even if there is silence. We want it to wait at least 10 seconds before it hangs up no matter what. 4.03 on xp
  5. rdc

    IVM 4.02 and TELCTAUSB4

    WE have changed it fro DTMF to FSK but it still doesn't work. Caller id worked fine with our old modem IF no one can help us soon we will just have to send it back. Email not returned so far from Synway or support at NCH
  6. We replaced a voice modem that worked fine and was able to receive caller id fine here in the US with a TELCTAUSB4 that we bought from you. It won't give the caller id. We are using the same line that we know gives caller id. We have changed the "others" to all 1s for FSK but we can not get caller id. IVM version 4.02 Please tell us what to do before we send it back.
  7. That does not work either. Copying from xp to windows 2000 server. All security and permissions checked also
  8. No that did not work either
  9. Cannot send file to mapped network drive using either IVM or Dial dictate. Copy from dos prompt works fine. Tried unc path already. No firewall.
  10. rdc

    Caller id

    Creative modem for Dial Dictate Caller id works fine for IVM software but not for dial dictate
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