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  1. If you use Gmail or similar to send the invoices it will be in your sent folder as well.
  2. It has to be running on a physical computer because its a user interface software designed to be placed on an operating system. There is no reason why you can't buy a cheap PC and leave running 24/7 just to run Express invoice as a private cloud server, of course you will need to make sure you have firewall configured and other measures to secure your data. I personally bought this product because it is THE ONLY MAC INVOICING PRODUCT ON THE MARKET that runs on a local computer rather than in the cloud.
  3. We email payment receipts. However when customers payments are split, partial, or they have a credit when the invoice is issued, the receipt shows all the items on the bill, the total of the bill, and the amount paid on that occasion. It does not take into consideration past payments or credits, so I spend time fielding calls from confused customers whose receipts appear too be telling them they still owe money or have an outstanding balance. For example Jane Doe gets an invoice for $200. She pays $150 on Tuesday and has a balance of $50 that has to be paid by Sunday. On Saturday she pays
  4. Hi, I deleted customers that I no longer do business with from my customer list. However their details still appear in the drop down menus when using new quote, new invoice, new credit note, and most annoyingly in apply payment. How do I totally remove these old customers so that my drop down menus are shorter and free of unnecessary crap?
  5. I just upgraded from 5.0, there was not a specific reason, I just updated the new version and then it kept bugging me for the software key so I had to buy a new one. Anyway... What are the differences? Does anybody know? I see that I can send from apple mail app, and that moving items to a different line in an invoice or quote is now fluid and not sticky or problematic. Anyone else/
  6. Thanks, I have opened a support email. I had someone come round and heavy test the whole set up over the weekend, and there are other bugs that have appeared.
  7. I have version 4.53 runing on OSx 10.9.X, I set up my paper size to letter as standard for US businesses. Due to the huge amounts of ink and paper that were being used issuing receipts on the full size HP printer, I have invested in an Epson 80mm thermal receipt printer. The problem that I now have is that after printing any receipts on the receipt printer, the page layout size is changed from letter to A4. There seems to be no logical reason why this is happening, its annoying because if I don't remember to change it then I end up printing out subsequent statements and invoices
  8. I downloaded a free trial on Sunday and it worked so well that it was all systems go by Tuesday. Today it said that it would stop working if I didn't pay - so I paid. I have the original install files and I downloaded the mac version in case of later.
  9. Hi folks, I recently discovered Express invoice and am using it for my home childcare business. I have a 13 year old PC and no other computers, its about to breathe its last, so will be replacing with a brand new MAC in the near future. When I do this how do I get my software license and serial number to activate on my new mac? I am aware of the need to download the program and install it, that is not an issue. I know about backing up and importing data etc, that's not an issue either. Is there a DE-activation process I need to follow to allow the new install on a new computer to work
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