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  1. thanks Telephony i've tried that and it works. i also put a minus credit note through for each one, to bring the credit note list back to zero too. this seems to have worked so far, in that the Unpaid Accounts Report, only shows invoices i know are outstanding.
  2. hi guys - if you are still with the forum. i also have a problem with credit notes... i have a few invoices that i have credited (with credit notes) the customers have paid the full original amount against the original invoices and then taken the credit notes against later invoices. i have taken the amounts left of the payments from those later invoices, leaving them part paid. i now need to somehow apply the credit notes to the art paid invoices, which i cannot find a way to do. is there a way to do it, or is journal(s) the only way?
  3. Thanks Tsam. It was about 6-8 months ago that I tried this upgrade, so I can't remember exactly what invoice problems I had. If I stay with the old version, are there any problems I may face in the future, that you know of? I suppose support will stop at some time, but anything else?
  4. I tried upgrading my free version 4.52 a little while ago and discovered the invoice template needed to be set up again. I couldn't get it close enough to the old invoice, so I rolled it back to the 4.52 version. Is it possible that there is a file(s) in my 4.52 version that I could copy before upgrading and replace in the newer version so my old invoice template comes with me?
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