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  1. yes i purchased the product. But if you want tech support they want more money
  2. nope there was nothing they could do unless i paid more money
  3. I Never had this resolved. Kept getting the run around then told i needed to buy something else to get more tech support. so i closed my program and went with quick books
  4. the dates are right and the trial balance is right, it just wont convert that information to the income statement.
  5. Help PLEASE I am trying to do end of year reports, (which i just did in the middle of December for the bank)and it tells me "There is no information for this request", but if i go into my invoices, revenues journal and all my expenses and everything is there. I have contacted tech support to which i have yet to receive an answer. Does anyone know how to fix this please!!!!
  6. Did you ever get help with this? I am having the same problem. When i try to do a report such as income statement nothing shows up, even my expenses are wrong or not all there? please help if you found a solution.
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