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  1. So, I have created a few tests with the conclusion that producing avi video with DV encoder under Videopad is buggy. I have created a simple video containing a single video clip - the source is avi with NTSC DV encoding. When this video is put in Videopad in Video Files tab, it is converted from 720x480 to 640x480, which is actually correct if taking into account the fact that the source pixels are not rectangular. First, let's start with what works - mp4 encoding. I set preview to 640x480 and produce mp4 file with the size 640x480. The picture is good, no bars added. Next I set preview
  2. I read the threads. Still, it is not clear to me. It should be quite straightforward if there are no changes applied to video. The scenario is as follows. I include a video file in NTSC format captured from a video camera, so the encoding is DV (DirectShow). The video file is the only clip in Storyboard. I export an NTSC video out of the project. I would expect the dimensions and quality to be the same as the original because no formatting was done. Yet, this is not the case. The only way to get out a DV video without the bars was to set the preview to 720x480, export file to 640x480 and th
  3. Hello. I just started playing with VP for editing my old DV video sources. The sources are avi files, DV type 2, NTSC. When I take a single source file, put it in Storyboard and export the video as NTSC DV avi file, the picture horizontally shrinks and black bars are added. The source file is recognized by VP as an NTSC file, 720x480. I have changed the preview to NTSC 640x480 as predefined in VP. I have exported the video with output format auto-detection resulting in NTSC 640x480. I believe it somehow means 720x480 because that is how VP then recognizes the created file. However, the re
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