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  1. I have found the answer before NCH support got back to me. Here is what I said in my reply to their response with instructions: Thank you for responding. Since I wrote for support I have found the cause of the issue. This might be something you want to add to your manual. The sole cause for the CPU cores to get immediately pegged out be it one or more cameras is the ‘Live Output Options’ Under ‘Options’ and ‘Live’. We are using high quality Flash yet by default the software selects all 3 options: high quality Flash, low quality Flash and ASF. I found if I uncheck the two I don’t use t
  2. Specs: Dell XPS desktop, 1 year old, i7 4 core with 8 logical cores, 8G RAM, 2G NVIDIA GPU GT-730. We have the website accessing (3) network cameras via the html code provided by Broadcam for the cameras. We recently changed from having (2) low-end USB webcams (LinkSys) and one ACTi network camera to (3) ACTi cameras. With the USB cameras we never crashed. Now, with (3) network cameras the system is overdriven.Out of spending hours and frustration to understand this - I recently reinstalled Windows 7 Pro SP1 and limited additional software, only Adobe Reader. Turned off all other startups and
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