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  1. Hello, short update: This problem still persists and the tech team is at work. But if anyone still has inputs, ideas etc. I will gladly accept any sort of help. It is really a shame and I hate this problem. My regards
  2. Thank you kindly, I will contact them immediately and am thankful for your assistance. My regards
  3. Hello MixPad community, as you can guess by the title of this topic I am having some issues with recording anything in MixPad. The recording randomly stops, with no pattern whatsoever. I think at this point I have seen almost all the possible combinations. I tried figuring out the issue but even with no inputs whatsoever it still behaves like that. I am recording with an Audio Interface, using its ASIO driver and everything, in terms of recording itself, is working properly. I checked the processor while recording and it used about 4% of it's capacity and there is a sudden spike to around
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