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  1. I'm making a 16:9 video with lots of 4:3 images. Some are 3:4, some 16:9 and some are just plain 1:1. Each image should move slowly in the 16:9 video frame. But it seems my images create their own frame inside the video frame. If I want a 4:3 image, it is placed in a 4:3 frame inside the 16:9 video frame. And if I put the imnage in motion, it never goes outside the 4:3 frame, but gets cropped. How can I make it flow freely using the total 16:9 video frame? [edit] Ok, seems I used the wrong effect. Pan & Zoom doesn't move the image outside its 4:3 frame. Motion does.
  2. On the main track I have a Christmas tree with balls. On an overlay track I have a face, which I want to place in the ball. What I like to do is Create a mask for the face. Scale the overlay and position it over the ball. Doesn't seem to work this way. What I did was I added the overlay track with the face. The face is of course not filmed to be on right spot on the screen, nor to be of right size. So I just add the mask and edit the mask to fit the face. Then I add the transparency effect. I get a nice overlay, where only the face is seen from the overlay track. Now I wan
  3. I just finished editing one video with a scrolling score. It wasn't that much fuss. I used two tracks and five images. Images 1, 3 and 5 on first track and images 2 and 4 on second track. At each joint I just take care that the vertical automation is correct in both joining images. And the resolution is perfect. But this method won't work for the original post problem with photographic images.
  4. I have the same problem. Seems all suggestions base on exporting the video to a high resolution (3840 width). That takes awfully much time and HD space. Next step would be to reduce the video to something one wanted in the first place. In my case it's 1280x720. Again, that takes time. And something happens to the video and audio quality in each extra turn. In my case I have sheet music that I want to scroll. The sheet music is a 2330x4300 pixel high black-on-transparent png image. If I got it right, VP imports that image and first fits the height (4300) to my video height (720). This r
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