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  1. A User database is stored at: $CURRENT_USER$\Software\ODBC\ODBC.INI\[Database Name] key DBQ: from "z:\database.mdb" to "\\md\datasouce\database.mdb". The Database Tab works in VRS it is because it is not running as a service. This will be changed in the next release to make the test run on the background service so the test and the insertion become consistent. I never could get the database to work properly last year. When I changed the User database info from "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\PhoneRecordings.mdb" to "\\md\datasouce\PhoneRecordings.mdb", it n
  2. I just upgrade to Axon version 1.31 and the recordings are now activated. Apparently, NCH fixed the issue with the upgrade. Thanks -Henry
  3. I have several remote extensions operating into my Axon. The Axon server (fixed IP located in our main office is behind a Linksys RV082 router (fixed IP address) with Qos forwarding all VoIP traffic to I have 6 local extensions using Grandstream GXP-2000 with the latest software upgrades. I also have two local Linksys 3102 extensions, one configured with a fax machine for sending faxes; the other is attached to a second fax machine and acts as an FXO to our only landline. All of these local extensions in our main office perform flawlessly. The problem comes
  4. I have the exact same symptoms after upgrading Axon to the new 1.30 version from 1.09 version. VRS was working flawlessly before the upgrade. I look forward to hearing a solution from NCH as soon as possible. Thanks -Henry
  5. Henry1999

    Backup settings

    In Axon version 1.20, what Axon settings are backed up? Are all of the Extensions backed up with their respective user names and passwords? Also, are the External Liones, Dialing Plans, Groups, and their respective settings backed-up? If possible, I want all Axon settings restored from the backup when necessary. I do not want to re-enter all extensions settings. Thanks, Henry
  6. Anyone have a solution to this yet? Thanks, -Henry
  7. After further testing I discovered the DTMF tone issue is related to how the caller is routed into IVM. When the incoming VoIP call arrives through Axon, it is sent to IVM (extension 103) and greeted with a welcoming message (Please hold while we try the next available person...). At this point the DTMF tones are recognized by the greetings OGM menu. If the caller does not touch any menu items, the call is sent through a blind transfer to group 701 in Axon, which rings the extensions within that group. If no one is available, or it is after hours, the call is sent back to IVM (via
  8. I am using Axon (version 1.09) with 15 extensions (primarily Grandstream model GXP2000 and Grandstream Budgetone 102), a few Linksys SP3102's (for outgoing faxes) and Linksys PAP2T units (to regular old phone sets). I am having some trouble with calls dropping and hearing one side of the conversation, even if only one call is in progress. I understand this is likely resolved with port forwarding on my router. My confusion is with exactly what ports should be forwarded. I have a Linksys RV082 router, which has port forwarding (5060-5099 and 8000-8050) to my Axon computer located at 10.1
  9. Thanks NCHTO. The lack of tone recognition is happening daily with various incoming calls from customers in different parts of the country. If I shut down the computer for several minutes, most of the time the IVM will operate briefly and recognize the touch tones. After several minutes to a few hours, it will stop recognizing the tones. Once one call stops receiving responses to key inputs, all key responses for all calls stop functioning properly. Is there a way to adjust the DTMF recognition level? Thanks, Henry
  10. I am using IVM to answer two different VoIP lines from Broadvoice in the United States. I have setup several menu options for customer responses via their telephone key pad. All menus require simple, one digit responses to advance to the next menu. Most of the OGMs perform flawlessly. However, I have a few OGMs, which will randomly decide to not respond to key presses. Sometimes rebooting the computer helps, but most of the time it does not help. I have tried creating a new OGM to replace the troubled one, but this only helps for a short time. Can anyone point me toward discovering the
  11. FINALLY, I have the Linksys 3102 working properly. It allows calls from the VoIP extensions within Axon by dialing out on the PSTN line as well as answering on the PSTN line. This provides a backup in case the VoIP external network is down. I posted an updated configuration of my 3102 setup at: http://www.allnetbiz.com/sipura3102.htm You can also see screenshots of the Axon external line settings from links on the above webpage. Here is what I discovered: Yes, the SIP ports must have different numbers. Make certain you specify ports, which no other device is using. In the Axon
  12. If you will notice on the stored Sipura setup at http://www.allnetbiz.com/sipura3102.htm , I already had the FXS port (Line 1) set to 5070. I had the FXO port (PSTN Line) set to 5060. In addition I had the external line (FXO Line) setup in Axon set to as shown in your tutorial. I changed the external line in Axon for FXO Line (server = I want to dial out on the PSTN line. Therefore, I have setup the dialing plan with "8" as the identifier for dialing on the FXO Line (external Line in Axon). When I dial 8 plus the desired phone number, I receive error 5
  13. I have tried to make the suggested modification to resgitry, but nothing works. I found the resigistry key as described, but VRS would not recognize the Access database. I finally gave up sveral weeks ago. I still would like to know why the CSV file is not created. I have CSV files from the Axon software recording properly. Thanks, -Henry
  14. Thank you for your help. I have posted the Sipura 3102 settings at: http://www.allnetbiz.com/sipura3102.htm With the current configuration, the FXS operates flawlessly. The FXO will answer the call and pass-on the call to extension 102 as desired in the dialing plan. The issue is with the FXO when trying to dial out from a VoIP extension. I have setup the dialing plan to use the "FXO Line" when I press 8. You may see the Axon setup of this external line at: http://www.allnetbiz.com/axon_external_line_setup.htm The log on the Axon when trying to dial out fr
  15. I have configured two different SPA-3102 exactly as you show. Neither unit will allow me to call out to the PSTN line nor will Axon answer an incoming call from the PSTN through the FXO line. The FXS phone port works perfectly, and I can dial out through my VoIP account or receive calls at the configured extension. I even have a fax machine connected to one of the FXS ports, and it operates flawlessly over the VoIP line. My problem is solely with configuring the FXO port to accept or make calls. Obviously, I have different usernames and passwords associated with each PSTN line setup. I
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