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  1. Thank you Borate for your concise explanation.

    I originally converted the problem VOB in Prism with H264 left as the deafult and with AAC greyed out but showing as the Default.

    This then is the resultant MP4 file that I had the later problems with even though the conversion was with Prism as above.

    The Grouping explanation is as I understood it to be so that is good BUT the Grouping was failing with this same converted VOB file as a MP4?

    So this may mean that Prism also has a problem handling VOB files?


  2. So Borate that means that the current 7.39 version (and some earlier versions) of VideoPad as a video editor cannot be relied upon to process ALL MP4s as it seems to be that the original origin of the file determines whether VideoPad will handle it properly or not? Therefore someone could have a stack of MP4s and be frustrated as I have been by this whole out of sync thing and not know or realise that the problem relates to the actual origin source of their MP4s which they may have never known anything about, nor are able to confirm?

    So I just want to make that point crystal clear so that others who experience this same problem out of sync with their MP4s and or VOBs will have an answer of sorts or at least an explanation documented here so that they hopefully do not end up wasting as much time as I have with this whole process.

    Also could you just advise that selecting "Group Selected Files" is designed to theoretically lock the audio and the video together immutably thus retaining their exact relationship to each other even through additional editing and transformation additions?

    I eagerly await the next version so that I can get on with processing another 100 or so VOBs that I have here.

  3. Ok whilst I await a new improved version to fix the bug with the .VOB files out of sync problem I thought I would try a different approach.

    I took a VOB file and converted it to MP4 in Prism then imported it to VideoPad successfully. All was fine and the audio was in sync with the video (unlike with the original in sync VOB version which goes out of sync when imported direct to VP) but the original quality of the audio needed cleaning up beyond what VideoPad was capable of doing so I chose to edit the audio file direct in WavePad from VideoPad. This I completed successfully and then closed WavePad which updated the audio file in VideoPad.  The result was the audio was still in sync with video so I selected all and chose "Group Selected Files" to lock in the synchronization. Next I added in a Title at the start on the sequence which was added in at the default 3 seconds, still in sync, then I edited the Title and increased the duration from 3 seconds to 6 seconds BUT this then pushed the video sequence 3 seconds to the right but left the audio track unmoved introducing a 3 second out of sync problem. Adding in a Transition only added to the problem. I have tried a number of different permutations of this approach but out of sync is the result. Interestingly if I adjust the duration of the Title clip from 3 to 6 seconds BEFORE inserting it on the sequence at the start the sync remains correct BUT then if I add in a Transition the sync is thrown out by the duration of the Transition despite being Grouped.I have also tried both Grouping and Ungrouping when adding a Transition in but the problem still exists.

    So how is this possible when I chose Group Selected Files to lock them to each other?? Isn't this feature supposed to lock the tracks together retaining their relationship and sync to each other or am I missing something here????


  4. Borate

    A couple of things here.

    Firstly I thought you should know that your above link to 7.11 is blocked and flagged by Malwarebytes on my laptop?

    Secondly I have just been reading back through a thread re 7.11 back in June which both you and Nat had input into.

    Seems that there may be potential problems with that version albeit maybe of a different nature. So I think that I have already got enough problems to deal with and at least I now understand these problems although I can't really use VideoPad to produce an in sync MP4 in one pass.

    I think for the time being I will continue with the somewhat tedious and finicky task of re importing the out of sync MP4s that I have already produced, (about 30) and trying to re sync them correctly whilst I wait for the next corrected version of VideoPad to be released.

    Hopefully this will solve these problems

    Thank you 


  5. Hmmmm a quick try loading that same VOB file into the new 7.39 gives the exact same result. Not synced, I guess this means that even the new version has the same bug?

    Big shame considering this was the main reason I bought this for!

    I guess I will have to try your suggestion Borate using 7.02 but I note that it seems to be released way back in February so not sure what else it might be missing?

    Not sure about the licence for the Professional version of 7.02 until I try.



  6. Thank you to both of you guys, you have both been very helpful with this.

    As a novice user of VideoPad when a problem like this arises the user, me in this case spends countless hours that run into days trying to figure out what the actual problem is. All the time doubting ones self and thinking that I must be doing something wrong and that I just can't see what it is that I am doing wrong. 

    But after testing the VOBs in the other programs I became convinced that it was not something that I was doing or not doing but a problem or a bug in the VideoPad program which is very disappointing to say the least due to the time I have wasted. 

    I have downloaded 7.39 and will experiment with this version and report back here in due course.

    Have you reported this bug to NCH or should I do that and if so how do I do that please?

    Once again I am grateful to both of you guys/girls for your assistance.







  7. No one denies what you are seeing, which is likely due to the VHS--->DVD transfer.


    If this really was the case then how is is that ALL other video playback software apps have played the VOB correctly in sync EXCEPT VideoPad Professional.

    I am a novice at all this so please explain to me how that is even plausible and or possible that the VOB is at fault when the 'problem' is only ever a 'problem' when it is opened in VideoPad Professional??????? This is the part that I struggle to understand.

    I have sent you some sample files for your perusal. Thank you

  8. Guys I have the Video_TS files on the dvd disc and the VOB files within.

    So I go to back to my earlier question how do I cut a small section out of a VOB to just send you that without including the entire original VOB?

    Then I will send the resultant out of sync mp4 for comparison as well.

    But I must reiterate that these in question VOB files play back perfectly in sync in every program that I try them in EXCEPT VideoPad Professional.

    I acknowledge that I can see the actual problem playing out in front of me for many days now and that you cannot at the moment. Therefore I understand your reluctance to accept that what I am saying is actually correct.

    Whilst we are trying to sort this out I have reloaded a few of the 40 or so short MP4 videos that I have produced then Unlinked them and manually re synced them, then Grouped all the clips and Re Exported them to MP4 and the results are that they are then in sync. But obviously this is tedious and doubles the time required to end up with an in sync video.

  9. Nat

    This VOB clip played perfectly in synch from end to end.

    Thank you for going to all of that effort to assist with this problem. It is much appreciated.

    I will try some other VOB files and report back.

    I do not have the same sync problems with MP4s just VOBs so it seems.

    If it occurs with the next set of VOBs I will try and work out how to upload both the source VOB file and the resultant MP4 file as per Borate's request above.


  10. 19 hours ago, borate said:


    Thank you Borate for your time and input.


    If you send the project link to my private email it will be viewed only by me and, if there's an issue, by a developer. Then your file will be deleted. An alternative is to upload a few minutes of a VOB source file for analysis.

    I may do this if we can't solve this here so thank you.


    To quote an earlier thread, a developer stated:  "SomeVOB files need extra information to be played correctly. Therefore you'll normally find there are other files on a DVD rather than just theVOB file."  That info isn't available if the VOB alone is loaded into VP.  This has been noted on some VHS transfers.


    I have found a temporary workaround as follows.

    I re-imported the out of sync mp4 file back into VP and Unlinked the audio, re-positioned it correctly then selected GroupSelected Clips to hopefully lock the synchronization in place. 

    The resultant Exported MP4 was perfect so at least that works. This is obviously nearly double the workload to arrive at what should just be one pass.

    The stand alone VOB files play perfectly and in sync with VLC and Media Player Classic but VP introduces the problem with the synchronization.

    I tried importing the complete Video_TS file into VP but the program rejected the IFO and BUP files accepting only the VOB files.

    So this being the case it would appear that VP is unable to perform satisfactorily with stand alone VOB files yet won't accept the associated IFO and BUP files.

    This is most unfortunate as the main reason I bought this software was to produce all of these MP4s from  all our video movies going back 30 years. So yes there are a lot therefore I cannot go on using the temporary workaround as described above.

    I have tried doing an Uninstall/Repair on VP but the problem remains. 


    What program was used to convert VHS to the DVD format?  Suggest you try converting the VOBs to Mp4, before editing in VP.  PRISM, for one, can do that.

    Not sure as these were converted a few years back and yes I could use PRISM but it is introducing an extra step that should not be needed if VP was working as it should. But thanks for the suggestion.


    Might not make a difference, but you can also test the latest beta VP while retaining the installer for your current version.

    I may try this shortly if no other answer is forthcoming, thanks.



  11. Borate Thank you for your suggestion BUT this is family footage which is not for sharing outside of the family. I trust that you understand this concern.

    The footage was originally shot on an old VHS camera. This was subsequently converted to a DVD so is in .VOB format> I have checked and rechecked and the audio is perfectly in sync.

    When I import the .VOB file onto the sequence and play it back BEFORE even editing of any sort and watch the preview in VP it is out of sync already. This is despite that the audio and video tracks are the original in sync combined single file.

    Further if I then take that file and Unlink the audio then re position the audio to again sync with the video then select both audio and video tracks on the sequence and select Group Selected Clips locking them back in sync, Then Export the newly synced video it exports the finished video in out of sync????????????????

    There are obviously two separate instances of the same problem here. One when the import is done and one when the export is done and both times using synced video.

    This has cost me days trying to get this right as I have a lot of these videos that I am turning into .mp4 versions. Upon closer inspection a lot of the ones that I have already done are out of sync and I will have to do them again costing me more days.

    This is frustrating beyond belief that I pay for what is termed a Professional editing program and it can't even keep and or produce simple clips that remain in sync??????? 

    What do I do next to right this wrong please??


  12. Hello

     I am running 7.34 Professional Edition and I am being plagued by this annoying and time consuming out of sync problem.

    This occurs with original linked video and audio files. I have tried unlinking audio, adjusting then grouping all.

    Still the problem exists after Export. The out of sync problems do not exist when I play the source files in VP prior to export and they play perfectly in sync with VLC and Media Player Classic prior to exporting. The problem only exhibits itself after exporting through VP 7.34

    It seems that this has been a long existing problem with different VP versions going back years.

    Is VP totally incapable of achieving this simple export process in sync??

    I am open to helpful suggestions if anyone has any ideas please.

    Although it just might be the time to upgrade to a more professional editing suite that can actually do what I have paid for it to do.

  13. c_major thanks for replyingūüėÄ

    I did not try Rotate & Flip as I didn't see Flip as the potential problem.

    Ok so I just tried selecting Rotate & Flip BUT only selected the Rotate box and it worked perfectly so I do thank you very much for your suggestion.

    There is obviously a problem bug within VideoPad if selecting just Rotate rotates the image but in square box mode yet selecting just Rotate from the Rotate & Flip  Effect rotates it differently but correctly????

    Very confusing

  14. The video has been shot on the phone in horizontal aspect ie landscape. When I load it into VideoPad Master Edition V7.30 on Windows 10 Pro to edit it loads up in vertical aspect ie portrait mode.

    Then when I select Effects / Rotate it does rotate the image but the frame then shows as a square which only shows the centre part of the image in each frame cutting off each end of the original image.

    I have tried Exporting in about 6 different formats but I end up with a small square movie as per the preview?

    Does anyone have any advice please?

    What am I doing wrong here?


  15. Hi guys

    I have an audio file from my video I am working on in VideoPad which I have opened in Wavepad to try and rescue it.

    It is a funeral service for my brother which was recorded badly in a chapel and contains both speech and music.

    The problem is most of it sounds like it was recorded in a tincan with echo and reverb making it very difficult to understand and decipher.

    I have played around with various filter selections within WavePad but am unhappy with any of the results so have gone back to the original (faulty) recording.

    Does anyone have any advice that would see me attack this problem with the correct filters applications and in the best order of applying these please?

    I am an amateur at this but have a reasonable ability to follow some clear direction from more knowledgeable people than myself.

    This is very important to myself and my family so any help or guidance will be very much appreciated.

    Thank you


  16. Hi borate

    Thank you for tour input.

    I have checked the power settings and they are the recommended Balanced option.

    Cant see anything about cooling settings.

    Don't really know what I am doing in checking the bios?

    Also I have tried using a USB plug in fan which is effective under normal situations but not with this challenge.

    I should also say that I do not have a over heating problem with any other programs only when I open up VideoPad.

    When I minimise VideoPad to the task bar the temperatures immediately drop by 20 to 30 degrees C ????

    This most likely is some sort of unresolved conflict with VideoPad and I would love to know how to fix it.



  17. Hi guys

    I have recently purchased VideoPadV 4.48 and it keeps shutting down my laptop every time I try and use it, sometimes just after 5 to10 minutes or less.


    Operating System

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


    Intel Core i7 840QM @ 1.87GHz 51 ¬įC

    Clarksfield 45nm Technology


    8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz (9-9-9-24)


    Hewlett-Packard 1521 (CPU 1) 46 ¬įC


    Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)

    1024MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M (HP) 50 ¬įC


    447GB ADATA SP550 (SSD) 32 ¬įC

    Optical Drives

    hp DVDRAM GT30L


    High Definition Audio Device



    All of the above is kept totally updated.

    I have managed to assemble a 22 minute video with just the native audio track plus a few video overlays and a few transitions. This was shot with my iPad Air so I have been working with .mov files.

    I was only able to, achieve this by working in 5 or so minute cycles and minimising VideoPad when the CPU temp gets up around 95 degrees C. This took a long time and is very frustrating as some times it would just shut down when the temp appeared not that high??

    Now that I am trying to export the resultant movie it just gets too hot and forces the laptop to shutdown even if I disable and turn off all internet, AVG and unneeded apps and background programs. The most I can get to is about 20% and then it is too hot and shuts down. I have tried various output settings



    1280 x 720 YouTube 720

    25.00 Pal TV


    After about 4 minutes of exporting this was the readings below


    Operating System

    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


    Intel Core i7 840QM @ 1.87GHz 94 ¬įC

    Clarksfield 45nm Technology


    8.00GB Single-Channel DDR3 @ 664MHz (9-9-9-24)


    Hewlett-Packard 1521 (CPU 1) 56 ¬įC


    Generic PnP Monitor (1920x1080@60Hz)

    1024MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 1800M (HP) 73 ¬įC


    447GB ADATA SP550 (SSD) 35 ¬įC

    Optical Drives

    hp DVDRAM GT30L


    High Definition Audio Device


    then a moment later it went to 95 ¬įC and the laptop shut down????



    This configuration should be able to handle a basic media processing program such as VideoPad but there is some sort of conflict happening here. Does anybody have any advice on how to fix this problem please?


    Thank you


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